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Video: Ex-Police Captain Ray Lewis Proud of Being Arrested

Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis, who was arrested with 300 other protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement last week, called his arrest “the proudest moment of my life” (video below).

“I saw all of you sleeping out here,” Lewis recalled to a videographer in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. “The cause, you were for justice. It’s not like you guys were putting up with this so you could get jobs on Wall Street. You were doing this for justice. All over the world, in fact. And that inspired me. I had to come down here an join you.”

“That day, I had no intention of being arrested. None whatsoever. But when I saw a lot of you sitting down and being drug off, I’m saying, they’re losing their freedom for justice, for other people. And that inspired me again to be arrested.”

Lewis added: “I’m going to tell you a very important thing here. I’ve had a lot of proud moments in my life, a lot of proud moments in my career. But when I had those handcuffs on and was being marched over there with the other protesters in solidarity, that was the proudest moment of my life.”


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