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Video: Ex-Councilwoman Leslie Johnson Stuffs Cash in Bra as FBI Knocks On Door

Over a year ago, FBI agents arrested former Prince George’s County, Maryland Executive (and Golden Duke nominee) Jack B. Johnson and his wife ex-councilwoman Leslie Johnson in a corruption plot involving development deals.

Using a federal wiretap, officials learned that Jack and Leslie chatted about flushing an incriminating check down the toilet and stuffing cash in her “panties.”

The audio (below) of their conversation has finally been released by prosecutors and shows the couple's panic as FBI agents knocked on the door of their home, while Leslie Johnson stuffed money in her bra.

“If not for the wiretap, Leslie Johnson may have succeeded in enabling Jack Johnson to escape prosecution for that brazen crime,” say prosecutors.

On December 7, 2010, Leslie Johnson was sworn in as a councilwoman in Prince George's County, even though she was accused of the crime: “It is my honor and privilege to have taken the oath and it is my honor and privilege to serve the residents of District 6 as well as wider Prince George’s County. We have already begun the hard work, and I look forward to continuing to work and serve the citizens."


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