Video: Ex-Cop Says It's Illegal to Kill Dogs, Not Black Kids in Florida


Former Washington D.C. Police Department homicide investigator Rod Wheeler explained on Tuesday that Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law was really the 'Make My Day' law, referring to the killing of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watcher George Zimmerman, who has not been charged with a crime (video below).

Wheeler told Fox News: “What that law is saying in the state of Florida, and look at the case law, you can actually shoot a dog. It happens all the time. You can shoot a kill a dog and get arrested and put in jail, but if you kill a kid, and especially a black kid in Florida, you can walk away. That’s what that law means.”

Tapes from 911 dispatchers have revealed that Zimmerman had been told not to pursue Martin. While Martin did not have a criminal record, Zimmerman had been charged in 2005 with “resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer.”


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