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Video: Elric Millner Charged With Rape after Victim's Boyfriend Befriends and Tricks Him

In Webster, Texas, a former police officer with the U.S. Marines became buddies with his girlfriend's alleged rapist Elric Millner to get a video that Millner had filmed of the assault, reports KTRK-TV.

According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Millner is now facing charges for aggravated sexual assault of the 17-year-old victim on August 3, 2010.

In 2010, the unnamed girl visited Millner at his apartment, where he gave her so much alcohol that she could not remember what happened. But when she woke up the next day, he showed her some disturbing videos.

According to police, one video showed Millner forcing the young woman to perform various sexual acts on him.  The victim was vomiting and urinating on herself because she was so drunk, but Millner just laughed.

Another video showed Millner asking the teen to engage in a certain sex act with him, but she could be heard saying “No.” That is when Millner ignored her and forced himself upon her, according to court documents.

The 17-year-old girl could be heard begging him to stop, but Millner ignored her, telling her that she liked it.

The victim stayed silent about the assault for over a year, until confiding in her new boyfriend about what happened.

The boyfriend, who was an MP with the U.S. Marines, tracked down Millner, struck up a false friendship with him and convinced him to show him the video.

After seeing it, he agreed it appeared to be against his girlfriend’s will and told what he witnessed to authorities. Milner was then arrested and with a $50,000 bond.


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