Video: Dutch Company 'Mars One' Plans Colonies on Mars by 2023

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It sounds like a story from the late sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury.

Mars One, a private Dutch company, is planning to start a settlement on Mars by the year 2023.

In 2022, a four person space crew will take a seven-month trip to Mars, landing on 2023. Every two years after that, another group will join the settlement. Their adventures would be recorded for a reality TV show.

In a promotional video (below), Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp says that he plans to fund the project via media coverage: "We will finance this mission by creating the biggest media event ever around it. Everybody in the world can see everything that will happen in the preparations and on Mars."

"This would be 'real' reality TV, adventure is automatically included, we don't have to add fake challenges. By sending a new crew every two years, Mars will have a real, growing settlement of humans, who would not like to follow that major event in human history?"

The Mars One video has received almost half a million views on YouTube since it was uploaded less than a week ago.


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