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Video: Dr. Zachard Bird Charged for Spitting Blood on Police Officer

Dr. Zachard Bird, an anesthesiologist, was reportedly pulled over at about 1:30 AM for speeding and almost hitting a Florida Highway Patrol car (video below).

According to the Sun-Sentinel: “Bird had alcohol on his breath, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he was unsteady on his feet, a trooper wrote. He refused to provide a blood sample.”

Bird was arrested after failing a sobriety test.  He was found to have $40,000 in his pockets and another $14,000 and two guns in his car.

Bird accused the state troopers of stealing his money and repeatedly banged his head inside the police car until blood ran down his face, yelling: “Hey! Blood, blood, blood, blood all over! Take me to the hospital!”

Bird then kicked open the back door of the car, got out. and spit blood into the face and eyes of one trooper.

A Highway Patrol spokesperson told ABC News: “We expect that from some people we arrest, but a doctor knows how serious it is to contaminate someone with bodily fluid. That’s the most unnerving part.”


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