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Video: Dolphin Tangled in Fishing Line "Asks for Help" from Divers

Divers who were looking for manta rays off the coast of Hawaii were shocked to find a dolphin needing help getting untangled form a fishing wire. The dolphin seemed to "ask for help" as it lingered around the divers and showed them its tangled fin.

On January 11, during a night dive, the divers were watching manta rays feeding on plankton when the bottlenose dolphin swam next to them and turned its body. 

"It was just very unusual. It's never happened before. The dolphin came in to ask for help," Martina Wing, a sea photographer, said. 

One of the divers, Keller Laros, said he knew the dolphin needed help and wanted one of the divers to cut it off of him. 

"I noticed he had a fishing wire wrapped around his left fin," Laros said. "I reached out with my left hand and gestured with my index finger 'Come here.' And he swam right up to me."

Laros was shocked that the animal understood his hand gesture. 

"That blew me away," he said. 

The diver spent quite some time using a fishing knife to untangle the dolphin. The dolphin even took a break to get some air and dove back down again so Laros could finish cutting the line. 

Once he was freed, he swam away.

"He put himself in the position to allow me to most effectively remove the hook and the line," Laros said. "That was just amazing, to think that that animal is that smart."



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