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Video: Dog Pushes Disabled Man in Wheelchair Through Flood

This week is starting off with a very touching viral video of a dog pushing its owner in a wheel chair through a flood.

The clip was posted onto YouTube on June 8, and has now amassed more than 120,000 views. It was published in Russian with the title “Собака помогает хозяину-инвалиду," meaning "dog helps a disabled owner."

But many are wondering if the video is fake, as many people upload deceitful clips in an effort to make it go viral.

There really is no way of proving it is fake, unless the person admits to it.

One commenter wrote, "I highly doubt a dog can move a person half-way in the middle of [water] submerged with a wheelchair."

Others are not really focusing on the dog pushing the man, and are instead focusing on the fact that the person filming did not stop to help.

"Would be nice if they stopped the car to help instead of just film with a sarcastic voice because the dog is doing what they were supposed to do!" one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, "In Russia, dogs just do it!"

Sources: YouTube


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