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Video: Dog Buries Dead Puppy in Sand

A video of a dog burying a puppy has gone viral, causing many to speculate that the dog was showing more compassion than some humans show in a lifetime.

The video was captured on a mobile phone, though the location of it is unknown. Because Arabic is seen in the title, some have suggested it was in Iraq.

The black and white dog is seen walking around a sandy area. It seems to smell something, and follows that scent to the dead puppy laying atop a pile of sand.

The dog then starts burying the dog immediately, using its snout to push sand over the body.

After about two minutes, the puppy is completely buried. The dog then walks away, having finished what it wanted to do.

The clip now has nearly 300,000 views. Comments about the video show the sadness it invoked in viewers.

"Probably one of the worse things that can happen is a parent burying his own offspring," a commenter speculated.

"I have tears in eyes," another said. 

Sources: NY Daily News, YouTube


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