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Video: Does TLC's 'The Virgin Diaries' Mock Celibacy?

'The Virgin Diaries,' TLC’s newest reality show, documents six people in their late 20s and 30s who have never had sex (video below). But critics are asking if the show promotes celibacy or makes fun of it?

One engaged couple Ryan and Shanna are saving sex and their first kiss for the wedding (pictured, left).

In the premiere episode this week, Ryan explained that since he has never kissed a girl, he doesn’t intend to start until they are married. Shanna describes at length all of her mental images of what it will be like on their wedding night: "First I’ll take a shower, then you’ll take a shower. Then I’ll put on my lingerie and..." She goes onto emphasize foreplay and how sex will probably hurt.

Another virgin, Carey, who is 35, invites his mother over to share a lasagna dinner so he can ask her advice on how to broach the subject of his virginity to his date. Later, when he and his date (his first in eight years) sit down to dinner, the first thing he says is that he has never had sex. His date is stunned.

Virgin Lisa starts off her dinner date by asking the guy about his timetable for marriage and then saying she has never had sex.

Tamara bills herself as a “reclaimed virgin,” meaning she used to have sex a lot, but now she doesn’t, so she considers herself a virgin again.


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