Video Depicts Children In Arkansas Forced By Adults To Fight Each Other (Video)


A new video posted online shows adults spurring children on as they are forced to physically fight each other. Adults can be heard yelling “get him!” and “stomp him!” in the background of the grainy, smart phone video as two young children engage in a fist fight. When one child attempts to escape from the pursuit of another child, an adult turns him around and pushes him back into the fight. 

The clip was quickly reported to local Arkansas news organization KLRT after it was posted on Facebook. KLRT passed the video on to the Department of Human Services, which is further investigating the video. Detectives working for the DHS are currently attempting to find the individuals involved in the video, as well as whether or not the events took place in Arkansas. This will help them determine whether or not an instance of child abuse was depicted in the video, and whether further problems are occurring in the homes of these children.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis of the Little Rock Police Department claimed that the authorities are having difficulties determining where exactly the incident took place, although the Facebook post suggests it occurred somewhere in Arkansas, and presumably Little Rock. 

“You can see some of the objects around in the neighborhood, the recycle bin, the front of the vehicles and things of that nature, nothing really to determine exactly where this occurred. It’s really sad that you would have an adult that should know better that would promote such activity among children,” Davis told The Blaze. 


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