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Video: Denver Police Gun Down Suspect Using Hostage As Human Shield

An incredibly suspenseful video out of Denver shows a man holding a woman hostage before being shot by police.

The man was shot in the shoulder and remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

According to police, the man ran into a 7-11 after being chased by police. Once inside the store, he held three customers hostage. Police tried for over an hour and a half to negotiate with the suspect, but he refused to turn over his hostages.

Eventually, the suspect decided he wanted to flee the store. The only problem was that a hoard of police officers were waiting right outside the door for him. So what did he do? He grabbed one of the hostages -- identified as Betty Gallegos -- and tried to use her as a human shield as he walked out the door.

The man is seen on film inching his way out the door while holding Gallegos in front of him. Then, a shot is fired and the suspect drops to the ground. Gallegos immediately runs away and is taken inside a police car. She was not harmed in the shooting.

Denver Police Chief Robert White spoke to the Denver Channel about the incident.

“I think it’s always unfortunate when anyone is injured, but thank goodness none of our citizens, none of the victims were injured, nor were the officers.” he said. “I don’t believe he targeted her (Gallegos) specifically. At this time, we’re unsure what his intent was once he was inside the store.”

Here is the video footage:

Sources: LiveLeak, The Denver Channel


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