Video: Denver News Anchor Kyle Dyer Feels Lucky After Dog Bite

On February 8, Denver news anchor Kyle Dyer suffered a dog bite on live TV in the KUSA-Channel 9 studios.

The dog had been rescued from an icy lake the day before, and when Dyer leaned in close for a snuggle, the Argentine Mastiff bit her, tearing off her upper lip.

After the attack, her mouth was sewn shut for a week and a half. Her skin was grafted from her lower lip into a new upper lip, but the slash to her nose is practically healed.

In her first interview since the dog attack (video below), Dyer said: "It's still numb on the bottom. It will be six months before I feel anything there."

But Dyer is not bitter, angry or sad: "I really lucked out. It was a fluke, it happened. It could have been so much worse. Not once was I afraid or scared. Yeah, it hurt, but having a baby hurt more."

Two surgeries later,  Dyer is not only talking again, but planning to go back to work after a hip replacement, which is scheduled in 10 days: "I've had hip displasia, now it's grinding bone-on-bone."

While Dyer has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, she is also mystified by the flood of blame and anger: "People get heated and protective over dogs. It's a shame some negative stuff had to come out of this. For me, in an odd way, this has been a positive experience."

Through it all, Dyer has been heartened by the kindness of viewers: "I wish I could thank them all. When I go back to work, I'll blow kisses with my fabulous lips."


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