Video: Dejamon Baker, 12, Tased by Police at Victoria's Secret


In St. Louis, Missouri, 12-year-old Dejamon Baker was tased in a Victoria’s Secret while police officers were trying to arrest her mother, Charlene Bratton, over outstanding warrants for traffic tickets, reports KSDK-TV.

Baker told KSDK-TV what the police officer did: “He said, put your hands behind your back. I said for what. Next thing you know he tackled me down on the ground. I was just crying. I guess he got mad because I was crying or something, then he just took it out and just tased me."

Her mother, Charlene Bratton, said: “He should have had enough control to tell her to get back instead of pulling out his gun, I guess he was nervous or whatever, and tasing people.”

A spokesperson for the St. Louis police department said that Baker interfered with officers who were trying to arrest Bratton, which both mother and daughter deny.


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