Video: Daycare Worker Lindsay Cavallaro Taunts 3 Year Old "No Balls, Oh You’re a Tough Guy"

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In Hamden, Connecticut, Tyesha Reese is outraged after being e-mailed a video (below) of her 3-year-old toddler Michael Reese being bullied by his daycare teacher.

Tyesha Reese told WTNH-TV that the cell phone video “got into someone’s hands who actually saw the video and was like, ‘Wait a minute, I recognize whose son this is,’ and that’s when they forwarded it to me and said, ‘I need you to see this. And when I saw my son’s face it was just unbelievable, you know.’”

The daycare teacher has been identified as Lindsay Cavallaro, who works at the Sleeping Giant Day Care in Hamden, Connecticut, according to WTNH-TV.

After Michael tells Cavallaro that he wants her to “go to the moon,” Cavallaro says “news flash, sweetheart. I don’t really like you either ‘cause you throw toys.”

The boy then threatens to throw her phone, and Cavallaro repeatedly dares him: “Do it. Go ahead. No balls. Oh you’re a tough guy. Hey boss, show me your nine."

Cavallaro was put on paid leave pending an investigation, and couldn’t be reached for comment, WTNH-TV said Tuesday.

Tyesha Reese filed a police report, but no charges have been filed yet.


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