Video: Danny Glover Speaks at Occupy Protests, Invokes Troy Davis Execution

Actor and activist Danny Glover spoke at the Occupy Oakland and Occupy Los Angeles protests this past weekend (video below), where he told the protesters that they represent everyone who has been displaced in America, including recently executed inmate Troy Davis.

Speaking at the Los Angeles protests on Sunday, Glover said: “Here we talk about this moment, this moment has to realize itself in a movement. A movement that just doesn’t happen with an occupation. A movement that has to be organized, and organized, and organized!”

“Remember, you represent the 16.5 million people of those unemployed. You represent the 88 percent of workers who are not represented by a union. You represent the homeless men and women. You represent those who’ve been dispossessed. You represent those brothers in jail who were on strike, you represent them. You represent Troy Davis.”

Troy Davis, who was controversially convicted of the killing of a police officer, was executed at a state prison in Georgia on Sept. 21, after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal.

Glover was also critical of President Barack Obama and his jobs plan: “We also have to say to DC and that administration in D.C. that jobs plan, that jobs program, is inadequate. It doesn’t solve the problem, it’s false hope.”


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