Video: Dane Cook Jokes About Aurora Shooting

Dane Cook made light of the deadly Aurora, Colorado shooting during a stand-up gig on Thursday.

The comedian was performing at theLaugh Factory in Los Angeles when he began telling a joke about the incident, which took the lives of 12 moviegoers and left 58 others injured.

    “I heard that the guy came into the theater about 25 minutes into [The Dark Knight Rises]. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but the movie’s pretty much a piece of crap. Yeah, spoiler alert. I know that if none of that would have happened, I’m pretty sure that somebody in that theater, about 25 minutes in realizing it was a piece of crap, probably was like, ‘Ugh, fucking shoot me.’”

The stars of the Batmanfranchise, including a personal visit from Christian Bale, have all offered their condolences to those affected by the tragedy, but Cook decided to poke fun at the killings, just under a week after the harrowing incident.

After a wave of backlash, Cook has since apologized, “I made a bad judgment call with my material last night & regret making a joke at such a sensitive time. My heart goes out to all of the families & friends of the victims.”

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