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Video: Cops Pepper Spray, Arrest Nike Air Jordan Shoppers

Black Friday is long since over, but unruly crowds showed up at shopping malls early Friday morning over Nike Air Jordan 11 “Concords.”

Just two days before Christmas, police in Seattle were forced to shut down two malls after they said crowds became out of control (picture, left). However, customers say that wasn't the case at all.

“People started pushing like crazy, and they started spraying Mace on us for no reason,” pepper spray victim Jalen Hall told KVUE. “Like nobody was doing anything bad. We were just getting close to (the store) and they started spraying mace…And got mace all over my eyes.”

At a mall in Lithonia, Georgia, police dispatched 20 squad cars as shoppers waiting to buy shoes broke down the doors. One woman was arrested for leaving two toddlers in the car while she shopped (video below).

Unconfirmed reports said that one young man, Tyreek Amir Jacobs, died after being stabbed over the shoes in Washington, D.C.

Police in Richmond, California canceled shoe sales at Hilltop Mall after shots were fired into the air.

The shoes sell for $180, but some people reported paying as much as $400 on the Internet.


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