Video: Cops Gun Down "Dangerous" Escaped Cows

Two cows in Canada had the right idea, escaping while on their way to the slaughterhouse. However they ended up dead anyway, killed by cops who thought the cows were "dangerous" and "threatening."

The Daily Mail reports that the cows got loose in a rural area in Quebec, Canada. Police were called in and found them running around on the road.

"The cops, at one point they have to decide, is it threatening for the population? Is it too dangerous?" a police spokesman told CTV. "So they did realize, and they did decide at one point that they had no choice to shoot the animal and kill the animal."

Animal activists are outraged.

"One way or another, there has to be responsibility taken for these situations," Esther Klein of the Animal Defense League of Canada told CTV. "If it's going to end up being the police, then police need the training and the tranquilizer guns and everything that is required to deal with this situation."

Police say they are investigating, but there are no plans to equip officers with tranquilizers.

A tourist managed to capture the shooting on videotape. Be advised there is some foul language, as well as images of a cow being shot, so you may not want to watch it if you are sensitive to either one:


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