Video: Cop Goes Nuts When Driver Refuses Search of Car

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Video of a police officer going on a profanity-laced tirade against a man who was only exercising his constitutional rights has gone viral.

The dashboard camera video begins with the officer, who is apparently wearing a microphone, walking back to an SUV after apparently checking his license.

He tells the driver he is not going to give him a ticket, but that it appears he was arrested a few months prior for marijuana possession. The driver explains he was holding it for a friend.

The cop then calmly asks if he can check his vehicle for drugs. The driver says, "Not without a warrant."

The officer seems okay with that at first, and then suddenly explodes:

"That'll be just f*****g fine, buddy! You know what? You take this s**t and you go back to f*****g Charleston and you don't f*****g come back here okay?!"

The officer yells a few more profanities before getting back in his car and driving away.

The video does not make clear exactly when or where this happened, but there is a Charleston in both South Carolina and West Virginia, so perhaps it happened in one of those states or neighboring states.


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