Video: Cop Drags Grandmother Lynn Bedford, 77, Out of Her Car

Lynn Bedford, a 77-year-old grandmother, was dragged out of her car by Sgt. Gene Geheb after she was stopped for speeding and refused to get out of her vehicle in Keene, Texas, reports NBC News.

The incident was captured by a dash cam camera and on a small camera attached to Sgt. Geheb (video below).

Bedford, who was allegedly driving 66 in a 50 mph zone, told Sgt. Geheb that she had a bladder infection and had to go to the bathroom.

Sgt. Geheb said: "Let me see your driver's license and insurance, please."

However, Bedford refused several times.

Sgt. Geheb then struggled and pulled Bedford out of her car and handcuffed the grandma.

Bedford's attorney, Clay Graham, told NBC News that Bedford was injured during the arrest: "The officer is not very interested in listening to what she has to say. She gets a little frustrated. And then he just overwhelms her. That's what I see. And then it goes from routine stop to ridiculous stop."

In a statement, Keene Police Chief Rocky Alberti said: "This incident has been reviewed thoroughly by the Keene Police Department and the City of Keene Administration. All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification."


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