Video: Convicted Murderer Trent Archie Escapes from Jail


Prison officials in Texas have released video of in inmate escaping from a county jail after he and another inmate attacked corrections officers.

On June 28 inmates Trent Archie and Davis McLeskey asked overnight guards at the Walker County Jail in Huntsville to use telephones near the booking office, saying they needed to make collect calls before dawn. For some reason this is common practice at the jail, so the guards agreed. 

After spending a few minutes pretending to make phone calls, the inmates attacked four guards -- three of them women.

After a fierce battle, the officers were able to subdue and handcuff McLeskey, but Archie managed to escape. However, police caught up to him in Houston on July 1 and sent him back to a hopefully more secure prison, where he is serving forty years for murder.

Archie's mother and two of his girlfriends were charged with hiding him.

ABC News has the video and details:


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