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Video Contradicts Homeland Security's Version Of Agent Shooting Drug Suspect (Video)

Michael Antonoff was shot and injured by Homeland Security agents on May 19 in West Palm Beach, Florida. A surveillance video (below) of the incident recently surfaced and appears to contradict part of one agent's justification for the shooting.

In the video, Antonoff is driving a white car outside a furniture store when a Homeland Security agent runs towards his car and starts firing shots.

Two Homeland Security agents fired at Antonoff, and they later claimed he was trying run them down with his car to escape an undercover drug arrest, notes the Palm Beach Post.

Federal prosecutors have dropped their charges against Antonoff, but he is still facing state felony drug, fleeing and eluding and resisting arrest charges.

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent David Jansen wrote in an arrest report:

"The SA’s (special agents) were directly in the path of Antonoff’s oncoming vehicle and feared for their lives. To avoid being struck by Antonoff’s vehicle, two SA’s discharged their firearms into Antonoff’s vehicle as they attempted to move from Antonoff’s path of travel."

The surveillance video from the furniture store doesn't show Antonoff’s white car driving towards anyone, but does show one agent running towards the car and firing at it.

Antonoff has declined to comment on the video, and Homeland Security officials have refused to comment. Instead they referred inquiries to West Palm Beach police, who say the incident is being investigated.

Law enforcement expert and criminal justice consultant George Kirkham viewed the video and told NewsChannel 5: "This is clearly, unequivocally, a bad, bad shooting."

"You've got a shopping facility out here, broad daylight," Kirkham added. "You've got men women and children who you're out there to protect primarily."

"You can see very clearly that he's off to the side of the vehicle, he's shooting into the side of the vehicle," Kirkham stated. "And vehicles don't move sideways."

Sources: Palm Beach Post, NewsChannel 5 / Photo credit: Screenshot via NewsChannel 5


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