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Video: Construction Workers Lift Burning Car, Rescue Man

Brandon Wright was riding his motorcycle on a highway near Utah State University when a black BMW pulled in front of him, causing the biker to slam into the car, which caught fire as he slid under the vehicle and became trapped, Salt Lake City's ABC 4 reported (video below).

A witness who called 911 pleaded with dispatchers: "Looks like someone might be under the vehicle. Cars are burning. You better send somebody out here. The motorcycle is on fire, and the car is starting on fire right now. I think it's going to go right now."

Before firefighters arrived, construction workers and other bystanders rushed to the burning car, lifted it partially off the ground and dragged Wright's body to safety. Moments later, two firefighters put out the flames with fire extinguishers.

"I saw a lot of blood, especially close to the head. Before I pulled he wasn't breathing, and when I pulled, he started to breathe," said Anvar Suyundikov, who helped pull Wright from the flames.

Wright was flown by helicopter to a local medical center and reported to be in stable condition on Monday night.


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