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Video: Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Rants at Piers Morgan About Gun Control

Conspiracy theorist and founder of Alex Jones was supposed to appear on CNN to explain to host Piers Morgan why he supports a petition to kick Morgan out of the country (video below).

Instead, Jones gave Morgan a bizarre screaming lecture on world events, unsupported claims and a rant about Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro taking everyone's guns, reports the Daily Mail.

Jones told Morgan that he should go on trial for allegedly hacking phones while editor of the Daily Mirror: “You’re a hatchet man of the New World Order."

He warned Morgan not to become like his ancestors, the British of the 1700s.

Jones ranted: “Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag, Piers, to bring in marshal law in Germany. Governments have staged or allowed terrorist attacks as a pretext to invade and enslave the populations... You’re a foreigner, a redcoat, here telling us what to do.”


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