Video: Comedian in Black-Face Interviews BYU Students

A white comedian is under fire for dressing up in black-face and interviewing students at Brigham Young University about Black History Month.

Just 176 of the 30,000 students at the Mormon school in Utah are black, so comedian Dave Ackerman thought it would be a good idea to paint his face black and ask students if they knew that February was designated in honor of blacks. Most did not.

"I wanted to raise awareness in an interesting way and get a conversation started," he told local TV station ABC 4.

Instead he is hearing cries of racism for his use of black face.

"The kids are extremely naive, and Ackerman exploits that," Darron Smith, a former BYU professor who is black told the Tribune. "Where it went south was the use of blackface. He doesn't understand how offensive it is."


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