Video: Code Compliance Officer Enters Erica Masters' Home While She Sleeps, Over Long Grass

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In Martinez, Georgia, on Monday morning, Erica Masters was sleeping in her bed when Columbia County Code Compliance Officer Jimmy Vowell came to serve her a violation notice for her grass being too long.

Masters caught the whole incident on video (below).

Masters told WJBF-TV: "He let himself in and actually came through the house and into my bedroom. And yelled at me to wake me up, to let me know that I needed to come back outside and sign the violation notice."

"I woke up, I didn't have my glasses on or my contacts in and all I see is this big burly figure standing in my doorway. A big huge guy with a grey shirt. It scared the mess out of me."

After the incident, Erica called the Sheriff's Office to file a complaint against Vowell.

The Columbia County Environmental Compliance Manager, Mike Anderson, said that his office is investigating it. He said that his Code Compliance Officers cannot enter someone's home without permission. If they have probable cause, they would have to be escorted by a police officer.

Masters added: "I do understand that my yard needs to be cut. I understand that. I have no problem with that. I understand them having to serve a violation notice, but the way they handled it was completely unacceptable."


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