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Video: Clip Shows Ice Needles Pushing Out of Minnesota Lake

While most of the country is welcoming spring, there are still some areas that have experienced freezing temperatures and icy conditions. 

Medicine Lake in Minnesota is one of those areas. But last weekend, the temperature warmed up to the high 70s. The lake was still icy, and the high temps pushed an ice sheet covering the lake against the shore.

Instead of making waves, the ice sheet made ice needles that piled up onto the soil as if they were being poured out of a bag.

A video clip uploaded to KARE 11 News and a Facebook page showed the lake and the unusual phenomenon. 

Though it seems rare, ice needles occur when the temperature of soil reaches above 32 degrees, and the surface temperature of the air is below 32 degrees.

There have been cases of ice needles and ice cubes being pushed out of a lake as high temperatures pushed ice out.

In 2010, a YouTube video showed a lake producing a wave of ice strong enough to carry a person.

Sources: Huffington Post,Telegraph


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