Video: Cindy Anthony says Casey Anthony was an "Awesome Mother"

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On the 'Dr. Phil Show,' beleaguered mom Cindy Anthony said that her infamous daughter Casey "was an awesome mother," but Dr. Phil disagreed: "Other than the fact that she wasn't providing for her daughter, she was manufacturing friends, playmates, playdates, nannies, all of those sort of things, which to me, is highly unstable behavior."

Cindy pointed to Casey's seizure in November of 2007 as a possible reason for her odd behavior. Cindy said that her daughter had been medically evaluated, but the tests had turned up nothing: "They kept her in the hospital for three days and worked her up and didn't find anything."

Dr. Phil talked about his bizarre interview with the Anthonys on the 'Joy Behar Show' (video below).  “This is not just Cindy hallucinating,” opined Behar. Dr. Phil agreed, adding that he feels she is “desperate to reconcile within herself how her daughter could do these things or this thing.”

When Dr. Phil reinforced the point that the doctors hadn't found anything wrong, Cindy pointed to Casey's second seizure: "Again, she had that second one when she was home after she had been arrested, when she was out on bail for the first time."

What do you think?  Was Casey Anthony an "awesome mother" who suffered some seizures that radically changed her behavior, or is mom Cindy living in self-delusion?


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