Video: Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Denies Sex with Student

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Sarah Jones, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader accused of engaging in sex with one of her  teen students, appeared on the 'Today' Show, recently, to speak about the criminal charges against her (video below).

Jones said the charges were "rumors" and that the alleged 16-year-old victim and his family  will testify in her defense.

She added: "I'm taking it day by day. Sometimes I take it minute by minute. I call my parents on a regular basis and I say, 'What can I do just to get through just this minute?' Just because it’s a rumor, it can be very disruptive to a career."

The five-year member of the NFL's Ben-Gals cheerleading team was charged in Covington, Kentucky with sexual abuse for allegedly sleeping with a student at Dixie Heights High School where she taught English.

She resigned from the school in November citing "personal reasons," reports the Daily Mail.

Even though there are over 9,000 pages of photos, Facebook messages and texts between the 27-year-old teacher and the student, Jones claims "it does not mean that every single page has something that is going to prove this case."

Jones added that she has only had sex with one man, her ex-husband, Nathan Wilburn, whom she was married to for one month. They are now divorced.


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