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Video: Casey Anthony Tells Piers Morgan She is "Ashamed"

Casey Anthony appeared on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' on Tuesday, via telephone call, for her first interview. She reportedly told the host: “I’m ashamed in many ways of the person that I was. Even then, that wasn’t who I am. I'm 26 now, and I've gone through hell.”

According to the NY Daily News, Anthony admitted that she came across "horrible" through the media last summer during her trial, but denied that she murdered her daughter Caylee: “Obviously I didn't kill my daughter. If anything, there's nothing in this world I've ever been more proud of, and there's no one I loved more than my daughter. She's my greatest accomplishment."

Apparently, Morgan did not question Anthony about all the times she left her beloved daughter to go party.

Anthony told Morgan that she will not be trying to make money off her infamous trial: "I'm not making gazillions of dollars at the hands of other people, or trying to sell myself to anyone willing to throw a couple of dollars at me."


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