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Video: Casey Anthony Speaks Out on YouTube

A blond-haired Casey Anthony has taken to YouTube (video below) to speak out for the first time since being acquitted for murdering her daughter.

The video is less than 5 minutes long and she never mentions her daughter, Caylie, her parents or her murder trial.  Casey talks about the change in her life and how many things haven’t changed.

Casey says that “things are starting to look up” and she hopes “they will only get better”.   She provides few details of where she is but she is said to be in Florida.

Casey is lonely and admits she is just starting to figure out her new computer and the possibilities it brings.  She is ‘excited’ to have Skype (who is she calling?)

In the video Casey says a whole lot of nothing but this may just be the first of many.

Why does Casey feel the need to put herself out there?  Unless she’s confessing to the murder of her daughter, what could she possibly have to say that may be of interest to anyone?

Will you be looking for her videos?

The video was reposted by a user weloveyoucasey.


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