Video Captures Explosion After Kids Drop Firecracker Down Manhole (Video)

A group of curious kids decided to try throwing a lit firecracker down a manhole to see what would happen, but the result was probably not what they expected.

In the viral clip, a group of kids are shown playing near a couple of manholes. At one point, the kids appear to look at the manhole and decide they want to see what would happen if they put a firecracker down it. The group stands over the manhole as one child naively throws the lit firecracker down into the ground, and suddenly, an explosion sends them all running.

The intense explosion clears the area out, and once the smoke dissipates, one child can be seen stuck inside the other manhole. A group of onlookers come rushing over to the boy’s aid and help get him out.

The boy limps away, clearly hurting from the blast, as stunned bystanders look at the manholes, completely puzzled by what just happened.

It’s not clear if the kids were ever reprimanded for the incident. Take a look at the viral footage below.

Sources: Daily Mirror, LiveLeak / Photo Source: Screen Capture


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