Video Captures Deadly Bus Explosion In Russia, Hunt On For Husband Of Female Suicide Bomber


A woman identified as Naida Asiyalova, 30, wife of a known militant 10 years her junior, blew herself up on a public bus Monday in Volgograd, Russia, killing six people plus herself and wounding 28 more, some of whom are still fighting for life.

A trailing car with a dashboard camera recorded the explosion, which was shown on Russian TV. The video is below. Be warned. The images are upsetting.

Volgograd is a city of abut 1 million people 560 miles south of Moscow, but much nearer to Sochi, the site of next year’s Winter Olympics.

Russian police are now on the hunt for Asiyalova’s husband, Dmitry Sokolov, who converted to Islam and joined an insurgent group in Russia’s troubled Republic of Dagestan last year. Russian authorities described Sokolov as an explosive specialist, suggesting that he may have equipped his wife with the bomb she used to destroy herself and the bus.

No one has claimed credit for he blast, but three months ago Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov announced a resumption of attacks against civilian targets in Russia after calling a halt to them in 2011. The bus bombing was the first such attack since Umarov’s announce net in July.

Asiyalova (pictured) is said to hail from Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim republic in Russia’s North Caucuses region.

According to police, she met Sokolov, then 20, online and quickly moved to Moscow to marry him. He has been officially missing since July of 2012.

Investigators said that Asiyalova suffered from a terminal bone illness, but her mother said that claim was untrue and that the suspected bomber had no serious health problems. Ravzat Asiyalova also said that she rarely spoke to her daughter over the past three years to avoid arguments since Naida had become deeply religious.

SOURCES: Slate, Reuters, Daily Telegraph Australia, Daily Local


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