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Video: Cancer-Stricken Dog Lennox has Feast Before Euthanized

Dog Lennox had to be put to sleep due to a large tumor growing on his shoulder, but before he passed away, his owner gave him a large dinner full of his favorite foods. 

The video and picture have gained much popularity on Reddit, featuring Lennox looking at the full plate of meaty food, sniffing it, and then devouring it. 

It included a massive turkey leg, bacon, sausages, bread, greens, and rice. 

Lennox had many surgeries near the end of his life after he was diagnosed with cancer and arthritis. It was the tumor on his shoulder, however, that left him barely capable of getting up. 

His owner's roommate, Reddit user Nikolaoss from Canada, uploaded the image of the dog. 

In the video, Lennox is seen sniffing the plate, eating the meat and bread, until he gets to the rice and greens. After he cleans half to plate, he decides he wants to turkey leg instead. 

Later that afternoon, Lennox was euthanized. 

"This post isn't meant to be sad in any way," Nikolaoss said. "He lived like an absolute boss all his life! And the meal reflects that!"

The picture was viewed more than 1.3 million times and the video has over 14,000 views. 

Many Reddit and YouTube users expressed their sadness over the video and pictures. 

"This is so sad, but at the same time a beautiful moment," one YouTuber said. "I know that Lennox is in a good place now."

"Looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes," a Reddit user said. "He is a beautiful dog and I'm so sorry for your loss! As a dog owner I look up to you!"



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