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Video: California Cop Shot in Neck During Dramatic Shootout

Two police officers, who responded to a call in El Cajon, California, found themselves in a dramatic shootout with an armed man on Sunday. The suspect fired several shots when the officers arrived, wounding one of them in the neck, before he was pulled to safety by the other (see video).

The officer, who has not been named, is in a critical-but-stable condition after undergoing surgery, reports the Los Angeles Times. The suspect is believed to have set an one-story house on fire, which quickly engulfed in flames, but firemen and helicopters were able to put it out.

(Photo and Video by CBS News 8)

Several homes in the area were evacuated and eastbound Interstate 8 was shut down while the fire burned, before reopening 90 minutes later.

Neighbors thought that the man had shot his wife and daughter in the home, but an initial search by a SWAT team has only found his body. "We were walking towards the corner, and we start hearing gunshots, and we don't understand why. There had to have been at least 15, 20 shots fired. Then we saw the police,” said neighbor Pam Gatar.

“I saw about 30 police cars, it was like martial law in the streets. There was black roaring smoke in the sky, it was crazy, it just kept coming up. It was like a movie, it was surreal,” added neighbor Richard Ogunsalu.

The alleged gunman has been named by local sources as Kevin Collier, who was believed to have been undergoing a divorce, according to the Los Angeles Times.


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