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Video: Byron Smith Kills Teen Intruders, Fired "More Shots Than I Needed"

Byron Smith has admitted to shooting and killing 17-year-old Nicholas Brady and his 18-year-old cousin Haile Kifer on Thanksgiving Day, after hearing them break into his residence (video below).

In an odd twist, Smith kept their dead bodies in his home overnight before reporting the deaths to police, reports CBS Minnesota.

According to a police report, the story got even stranger. Smith admitted that he fired "more shots than I needed" at the suspects at his Little Falls, Minnesota home.

This statement and others have caused some to question if Smith, 64, crossed the line between self-defense and cold-blooded murder.

Smith, who is now being held on $2 million bail, appeared at a preliminary hearing in court today, but did not enter a plea.

According to the police report, Smith was sitting in his basement on Thanksgiving Day, when he heard a window break upstairs and then footsteps.He said he fired twice at Brady with a Ruger Mini-14 rifle, causing the teen to tumble down the stairs.

“I wanted him dead," Smith told police.

A few minutes later, Kifer came down into the basement and Smith shot her until she fell down the stairs.

Smith tried to shoot her again, but when his Mini 14 rifle jammed, she laughed at him. Smith told police: “If you’re trying to shoot somebody and they laugh at you, you go again."

And so he did. Smith said he shot the girl multiple times in the chest with a .22-caliber revolver. Kifer was still breathing, so Smith admitted to a "good clean finishing shot under her chin up into the cranium."

Smith called his neighbors on Friday and asked if they knew any lawyers. However, no one knew any attorneys, so Smith asked them to call the police.

Police responded to the call and Smith led them to the teens' bodies.

Neither of the teens had a weapon, but Smith told police he was afraid and had been burglarized in the past.


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