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VIDEO: Bus Driver Artis Hughes Decks Unruly Passenger Shi'dea Lane with an Uppercut

A Cleveland Regional Transit Authority bus driver, Artis Hughes, hit a female passenger, Shi'dea Lane (pictured), with an uppercut punch on September 18. 

The fight was recorded on video (below) by passengers on their cell phones.

At the start of video, Lane is arguing with Hughes. She allegedly grabbed his throat and spit in his face.

Moments later, Hughes tells Lane: "You going to jail now" and knocks her to the ground with a stiff uppercut.

Hughes then throws Lane off the stopped bus, but she climbs back aboard to fight, reports

Hughes yells: "She want to be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man."

Hughes was suspended this week. City officials said his behavior as "absolutely unacceptable."

Lane was not arrested following the fight. Instead, she was transported, to the restaurant where she works, by police officers.


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