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Video: Buckeye Firearms Association Offers Free Gun Training to Ohio Teachers

The Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio has offered free firearms training to teachers around the state in a three-day course called the 'Armed Teacher Pilot Program,' reports The Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Buckeye Firearms Association's Chairperson Jim Irvine told WTAP-TV: "You want every school to be able to have somebody with skills. It could be somebody finishes this class and goes, ‘Well, I still can’t do it or I can’t get permission or this isn’t gonna work.’ But they’re still gonna take away some other mindset things that they can use in their schools to keep kids safe.”

Irvine’s idea was slammed by Lori O’Neill, Vice Chairperson of the Gun Victims Action Council, who said: “Introducing more guns into every situation we have has been has been the answer of the NRA for 30 years. We tried it your way, now we’re going to try it a different way.”


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