Video: Brooke Fantelli Claims She was Tased by Park Ranger for Being Transgender


Brooke Fantelli has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government and a Bureau of Land Management Park Ranger, identified in the suit as “J. Peter," whom Fantelli said tased her because she used to be a man.

KGTV-TV reports that the incident happened on October 27, 2011, when Fantelli refused to lay down on the ground and was tased by the ranger.

However, a cell phone video (below) shot by some bystanders shows that Fantelli was standing away from the park ranger with her hands up in the air, not threatening him.

She said that the park ranger, upon learning she was transgender, switched from calling her “ma’am” and “miss” to calling her “dude” and “sir” and tased her a second time in the genitalia while restraining her on the ground.

Fantelli told KGTV-TV: “[He will] probably get his wrist slapped and he’ll probably still be out there working the same desert I used to race in."


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