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Video: Brazilian Cab Driver Knocks Thief Out With Impressive High Kick

Warning: don’t mess with taxi cab drivers. These guys are no joke.

A witness posted video to LiveLeak yesterday showing a group of taxi cab drivers surrounding and dropping a man whom they’d just seen robbing a Porto Alegre resident. The thief is seen on video with an accomplice holding a victim on the ground as they steal the contents of his pockets.

Moments later, a group of cab drivers surrounds one of the robbers. One driver gives the thief a kick to the legs and then delivers a brutal knockout kick to the robber’s head. The thief drops unconsciously to the ground as the cab drivers and the robbery victim stand above him.

Police arrived at the scene soon after and arrested the robber. I don’t know what the kicking cab driver does in his free time, but I’m impressed. An average joe doesn’t just hop out of his car and deliver a high kick like that. Check it out:

Source: LiveLeak


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