Video Of Boy Botching The Alphabet Blamed On Public School System


A video posted on World Star Hip Hop today is making its rounds on the web, a relatively uncommon but not unprecedented phenomenon for the site’s insular community. The video depicts a young boy who’s instructed by a man, presumably his father, to recite the alphabet. The boy then begins singing the “ABCs song” in the traditional melody, but in an entirely mixed up order. 

The video ends, however, with the man making an unexpected political statement, blaming the local public school system for the boy’s inability to correctly recite the alphabet. It’s probably just a joke, but it’s sparked controversy amongst the quarter of a million viewers that it’s reached in under 12 hours. The World Star Hip Hop comment section is not a place one typically goes to feel good about humanity, but here are a few responses to the video that were highlighted by The Inquistr: 

“That kid looks like he’s about 5 it’s the parents fault not the school. By age 5 your child should know their ABC’s and should be able to count to @least 20. SHAME ON THE PARENTS.” 

“His parents and that school failed him.” 

“First of all he’s adorable and that’s coming from a man. Secondly his parents are to blame for his lack of knowing his alphabets not his school. My daughter knew her ABC at 1yrs old because me and her mother taught her how to say it. As parents, especially parents from a poverty-stricken community It is our responsibility to teach our kids. We can not keep putting the faith of our children in the hands of the same people who once considered us ⅗ of a man and expect that same system to give us a fair and just chance to thrive at life."

Sources: The Inquistr, World Star Hip Hop


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