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Video: Border Patrol's Version of Valeria Alvarado Shooting is Contradicted by Witnesses

The U.S. Border Patrol's version of the fatal shooting of Valeria Alvarado in San Diego, California, has been contradicted by witnesses (video below).

Authorities claimed that a plainclothes agent shot Alvarado after she hit him with her car, on Friday, while he was serving a warrant.

Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott told KNSD-TV: “The suspect was armed with a vehicle, and literally ran our agent down. He was carried several hundred yards before he discharged his weapon through the windshield of the vehicle.”

However, witnesss Ayanna Evans told XETV-TV: The plainclothes agent "was walking towards the car and the car was moving back slowly. He pulled his arm up and I heard it, 'pop pop pop.'"

Witness Ashley Guilbeau, told KMFB-TV that the plainclothes agent walked toward the front of the car shooting “about 12 times” without identifying himself: "Without her even able to say a word, I didn’t hear anything, [he] just came across and just shot at the windshield many times."

 On Saturday, Valeria's husband, Gilbert Alvarado, issued an angry call for justice: Whoever shot my wife, that guy whoever that is, that guy needs to get shot."


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