Video: Blind Man Beaten in Broad Daylight While No One Helps

Philadelphia police are looking for a man who pushed a blind man over, punched him, kicked him repeatedly and then stole his bag, according to the Daily Mail. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

Cameras also caught at least two people who were there and did nothing during the attack.

The 33-year-old victim is shown walking past a deli in Germantown, Philadelphia just after noon on Oct. 2 before being pushed over from behind. The attacker punches the victim twice and kicks him numerous times. The attacker then goes to a shop, taking the man’s backpack with him.

Authorities have released the video in hopes that someone can help identify the attacker.

Throughout the attack, at least two other men can be seen in the frame but do nothing to help, not even call the police. One is seen crossing the road, as he watches the attack.

No one called 911 during the attack and no witnesses have come forward, according to police. The victim only received help after someone called 911 to report that there was an injured man on the ground. He was taken to the hospital and treated for serious cuts to his face and head.

Police described the attacker as a 20-year-old black man wearing a tan baseball cap, tan shirt and khaki pants.

“A challenged person that can’t see is attacked in midday, and no one comes to his aid?” one resident told MyFoxPhilly.com. “That’s insanity.”

Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey said that witnesses and bystanders doing nothing are becoming “more and more common” and that people are more likely to record an attack on their phone than call for help.

Another attack was caught on camera three weeks ago when a Philadelphia transit officer was beaten at a transit station. A group of at least seven witnessed the fight, with one of them even pulling out her phone to record the attack but not call for help.

After the video of the attack on the blind victim was released, police were criticized because of the amount of days it took for the video to surface. Ramsey it wouldn’t happen again.

“We’ve gotta get these things out,” Ramsey said. “And a guy like this has to et off the street very, very quickly, so we’re on it.”

Video of the attack can be seen below.

Sources: Daily Mail, MyFoxPhilly.com


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