Video: Bizarre Fight Between Cop and Clown


A man, dressed as a clown, recently got into a fight with a police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bystander Mitch Cooper pulled out his cell phone and recorded the bizarre brawl on video (below), reports WTSP-TV.

Cooper told WTSP-TV: "I pulled up to the stop-light on the corner of water and wells, and I kind of happened to look to my right because there was a little bit of movement of a police officer approaching this man kind of dressed as a clown, but you couldn't really tell. It was really weird."

"What's going through my head is a cop beating up a clown. How can I not capture this video and show it to all my friends?" So I had to  whip out my phone and hit on video."

The unidentified man, dressed as a clown, is reportedly a local activist often spotted outside government buildings. Police said they received several complaints that the clown was chasing cars with a squirt gun. But when police arrived, the clown resisted arrest.

Cooper added: "The officer reached for him, and then all of a sudden, the next thing you know, they're on the ground, tussling and rolling around. The officer started punching him, and then another officer showed up, and it looked like they were about to arrest him."

"It was pretty funny. The clown was resisting, so the cop needed to do what he needed to do to make sure he was safe. It was funny to witness, probably not so fun for the clown, but as a spectator, it was pretty entertaining." 


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