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Video: Bill O’Reilly Suggests Minorities and Single Women Don't Believe in "Self Reliance"

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said last night that a coalition of "non-traditional" voters, who were "single women, Hispanic-Americans, Black-Americans," helped put President Obama "back in the White House" (video below).

While that part is true in a demographic sense, O'Reilly went on to claim that "traditional voters" believed in "traditional marriage, robust capitalism, and self reliance," which suggested that single women and minorities [non-traditional voters] don't believe in self reliance, traditional marriage or capitalism, reports

O'Reilly said: "If you look at the exit polling, you’ll see that a coalition of voters put the President back into the oval office. That coalition was non-tradition, which means it veered away from things like traditional marriage, robust capitalism, and self reliance."

"Instead, each constituency that voted for the President, whether it be single women, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, whatever, had very specific reasons for doing so."

"Traditional American voters generally want a smaller government in Washington, more local control, some oversight on abortion, and believe in American exceptionalism."


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