Video: Bank Robbers Force Bank of America Manager Aurora Barrera to Help Them Rob Bank

According to the LAPD, two African-American men kidnapped bank manager Aurora Barrera, strapped a bomb to her and forced her to help them rob a Bank of America branch (video below) in Los Angeles, California.

KTLA-TV reports that the suspects kidnapped Bareerra outside her home, strapped a bomb on her and threatened to detonate the bomb unless she drove to the bank and gave them money on Wednesday morning.

Bareerra went to the bank, opened the safe and threw money out the front door to the men, who fled in a white Kia.

Later, an explosives team removed the device from Barrera, which was later detonated by the bomb squad. However, the device did not appear to be an actual bomb, reports RawStory.com.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker told KTLA-TV: “We believed based on physical appearance that it could very well be an explosive device, and they very carefully removed that device from her body.”

“It looked like one to everyone involved, her, deputies, bomb squad technicians, but in the rendered safe procedure, they found that it was not an explosive device."


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