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Video: Baltimore Bus Driver Fights with a Teen Passenger

An unidentified MTA bus driver was recently caught on video (below) fighting with an unidentified female teen passenger on Monday around 2 p.m. in Baltimore, Maryland.

The MTA bus driver has been suspended for the fight, which went from one end of the bus to the other, reports CBS Baltimore.

The woman who recorded the fight said it started when the bus driver thought the teen passenger was playing her music too loudly and stopped the bus to confront her.

After the fight, the teen seemed shaken and had scratches on her arm.

The MTA says the driver has worked with the agency since 2003 and they are reviewing the video, as well as video from multiple cameras on board.

MTA Spokesperson Terry Owens said: "We have a no engage policy. Under no circumstances should our operators be fighting customers. At the MTA, our highest priority is the safety of our passengers and our employees and we expect our employees to remember that at all times."


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