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Video: Backdraft Explosion in Ohio, Fire Fighters Barely Escape

The P-H Bistro restaurant in Franklin, Ohio looked like the Ron Howard movie 'Backdraft' when a gust of air caused a fire to turn into a massive explosion (video below).

As fire fighters ran into the restaurant, the fire expanded and blasted out the windows in the building in dramatic fashion.

Tim Smith, the owner of the restaurant, was sleeping in his upstairs apartment when the fire started. "I didn't know how bad it was until I made it out," he told ABC News. "I was in front of the building and it sounded like popcorn and my front window was just like crackling."

Backdrafts occur when extra oxygen is introduced to an area with a fire. Oxygen can enter a fire when a window is broken or a door is opened. This is dangerous for fire fighters because of the unpredictable nature of backdrafts.

"We knew three of them went in and right after the explosion, all three of them came crawling out," said onlooker Kyle Henry, who shot a video of the fire (below).

Local fire officials say the initial cause of the fire is unknown as well as the reason for the backdraft explosion.


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