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Video: Australian Teenager Freed From Bomb After 10 Hours

An Australian teenager was freed from a bomb that was placed in her house - and, according to reports, may have been attached to her body. She had to wait more than 10 hours while police carefully disarmed the reportedly elaborate device.

A Sydney newspaper has identified the girl as Madeleine Pulver, 18, the daughter of a well-off Sydney businessman. Police are investigating whether the bomb plot was linked to attempted extortion.

It's not known if the bomb was armed, but police are saying it was an extremely elaborate and sophisticated device that took a long time to dismantle and make safe. While police worked on the bomb, other law enforcement officers talked to Madeleine and tried to keep her calm. The neighborhood was evacuated.

Mark Murdoch, the Police Assistant Commissioner for New South Wales, told the AP, "[Madeleine is] good. She's been kept in a very uncomfortable position. She has been and will be uncomfortable for a little while to come."

It's unknown whether Murdoch's comments mean the bomb was attached to Madeleine, and the police aren't elaborating. One unconfirmed report said a man in a ski mask entered Madeleine's house in a wealthy Sydney neighborhood and strapped the bomb to her neck.

"The family are at a loss to explain this. You would hardly think that someone would go to this much trouble if there wasn't a motive behind it," Murdoch said.


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